A New Beginning

For those of you that don’t know, I just sold my digital cinema mastering facility, SDC, to Visual Data Media Services. And I’m extremely happy about it. And I’m also pleased to say that I’ve just joined the team there as Director of Digital Cinema.

I was running SDC for just short of ten years. And whilst that has been a wonderful experience, I want to focus on innovating, developing Screenfast and exploring new areas of cinema technology. Which is really what I’m best at. And with a baby on the way soon, I don’t want to waste any more time and energy dealing with all the nonsense that running a small business entails. There is too much important work to do.

And I’m super excited to be working with Visual Data. They’re a great company. I’ve spent a long time with its MD, Symon Roue, and we really see eye to eye on the future of digital cinema. Where it’s going, what we can do better and where we should focus our energy.

It’s a strange experience having been my own boss for nearly a decade suddenly being staff. It’s quite a relief not having to worry about VAT returns and payroll any more. But I still have just as much enthusiasm for the business. In fact, more. Because I’m really looking forward to seeing Screenfast getting some investment and being able to develop our products with the backing and investment I’ve always longed for.

I think SDC has grown up. And it’s time to let it out into the world and see what it can do. I am so immensely proud of all that we’ve achieved. And I can’t wait to see how the business develops in the coming years.

Official Press Release:

29 April 2019:Visual Data Media Services announced today that it has acquired Soho Digital Cinema (SDC), the leading provider of digital cinema mastering and distribution services. The acquisition enables Visual Data to add Digital Cinema Mastering and Cinema Distribution to its armoury of services. Just like its existing broadcast, streaming and VOD offerings, Visual Data will now take care of every step in the digital cinema content supply chain, throughout the content lifecycle.

By combining technologies and resources, Visual Data is now a one-stop-shop for all methods of digital content distribution. Customers of both companies can now take advantage of SDC’s D-Cinema services including Screenfast, the award-winning digital cinema cloud distribution platform, as well as having access to Visual Data’s wide range of media distribution services. Customers can also benefit from the Visual Data team’s expertise in distributing content to platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and iTunes. 

While the company will operate under the Visual Data brand, the Screenfast platform will retain its name and will continue to be developed. Symon Roue will continue to head up Visual Data in the UK, while SDC’s David Margolis has been appointed Director of Digital Cinema. The SDC team will relocate to Visual Data’s UK facilities in west London. 

“Visual Data and Soho Digital Cinema had worked together on several projects and we saw clear synergies between our two companies, with our complementary product and service offerings and adjacent or converging markets,” said Symon Roue, Managing Director, Visual Data Media Services. “The acquisition is a positive move for all of our customers, enabling them to master and distribute all deliverables from one place, significantly streamlining the distribution process while saving time and money.”

Financial information about the acquisition has not been disclosed.

About Visual Data Media Services:

Visual Data Media services provide content processing and digital media supply chain services to the world’s leading content owners and distributors. 

Established in 1983, the company has preferred vendor status with Netflix, Amazon and iTunes and operates from facilities in London and Burbank.


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