Welcome to my blog about DCPs

I’ve been working in post production since I was 17, so 21 years now. I setup and ran the London DCP Lab Soho Digital Cinema (SDC) for ten years. And I’m now Director of Digital Cinema at Visual Data Media. When I started SDC I did a lot of work for the post facility Prime Focus where my future wife, Melanie worked (yes I married a client, don’t judge me). She and her team used to call me DCP Dave. Hence the name.

Me and my assistant, Jumble

From our unusual vantage point working with film makers and distributors right at the very end of the film-making process when people are exhausted, stressed and skint, we witness some epic dramas, catastrophic mistakes and also some wonderful successes. I plan to use this blog to share stories, technical advice, a few frustrations and general technical rants.

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